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Marine Restoration Program

Raised $5.00 of $5,000

YPDR’s Marine Restoration Program is currently focused on marine dome construction and deployment. Created from limestone and bamboo these fish domes are natural structures which provide fish a place to dwell and flourish as well as offer local islanders an opportunity for employment in helping rest

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Wimbo Apparel

Wimbo Apparel

Peace. Borne. Knowledge.

Wimbo's goal is to provide the discerning eclectic customer with intricately patterned unique designs based on indigenous art inspired and influenced by architectural roots within cultures all over the world. Wimbo seeks to visually highlight the geometric elements intrinsic in his designs and also emphasize organic patterns inspired by nature. Wimbo continues to achieve perceptual balance between the tangible and naturally emanating substantial world and the hidden spirit world. Drawn from the understanding that knowledge of nature as art is borne of peace and harmony, Wimbo expresses the motto as “PEACE BORNE KNOWLEDGE”.