Create Online Fundraising Campaign Shops for a Cause at Deo’s Closet

Here at Deo’s Closet, we welcome anyone who wants to sell and shop – for a cause.


Sellers are able to create their own online shop and sell their products at the same time donate part of their profit to a fundraising “cause” or “campaign”, while shoppers can purchase products online from among our sellers and can also assist with the fundraising.


It’s a mutual relationship that can help the people worldwide with their needs.


Here’s an example of an online fundraising campaign with some products that are connected with it:


A few months ago, Deo’s closet opened a fund raising activity to support “Child’s Play”, which seeks to improve the lives of children in hospitals through the power of play. You can check it out here.


In this campaign, you can do activities like either donate an amount directly or you can wish to purchase the products that are assigned to this campaign – helping both the campaign and the sellers who wish to fund this cause.


One of the best things that you get out of making online shops for a cause here at Deo’s closet is the entirety of receiving the smiles, the joys and the gratitude that people will feel once they’ve received your donation.


Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, doing activities that can help people in their times of need is one of the best things that you can offer as someone who is healthy and able – in this case, as a seller you are selling for a fundraising activity, and as a buyer you are buying to raise funds for a campaign.


So, start your fundraising activity as a seller or as a buyer at Deo’s Closet today – or do both!


See you again soon.


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