Justin Bieber wins Champ of Charity Award

Justin Bieber made a brief appearance at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, scoring an award that might seem unexpected based on his recent headline-grabbing behavior: Champ of Charity.

Shrill, ear-piercing screams came from the audience when the Biebs, dressed in a casual gray sweater and skinny jeans and accompanied by manager Scooter Braun, found his seat in the audience about halfway through the show. Australian pop star Cody Simpson presented the award to Bieber while a video montage highlighting the latter’s work with the Make-A-Wish foundation played.

“Someone asked me backstage and they said, ‘What’s it like to give?’” Bieber said in his acceptance speech. “And I didn’t really know what to say, but now I know it’s so much better than receiving.”

“This is Grace’s award. Grace, can you come up here please?”

Bieber then beckoned to Make-A-Wish recipient Grace Kesablak, who came to the stage practically glowing in a flowing pink gown and matching cap. Attending the event was part of Kesablak’s wish.

Bieber handed off the award to the young girl, lifting her up with a smile as the crowd cheered wildly for the two.

Bieber promptly left the audience after receiving the award, but Kesablak was spotted with her guests at a table in the Wiltern Theatre, the silver award placed in front of her as she caressed it happily.



source: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/gossip/la-et-mg-justin-bieber-young-hollywood-awards-make-a-wish-20140728-story.html


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