Nature Care Around the World

When big iconic natural disasters come our way, we realize that we’re not the “gods” of this land, but in fact – we are merely small little dots in this planet called “Earth” and we are at the mercy of Mother Nature herself.


Sometimes humans forget that we are condoning unnatural acts towards the planet we live in – and like all living creatures, when one thing “hurts”, we jerk in defense or take a rest for healing – did we ever think that maybe Earth is doing the same thing?

So, let’s take a short break from the disasters at hand, and also think about what we CAN do to help Nature heal itself. Let’s start with planting trees, saving energy and water, and taking care of life itself by minimizing pollution or nature abuse in areas where animal, plant and marine life can thrive…

If you’re one of the people who care about the future of the world, if you care about the planet we live in – then don’t hesitate to create a fund raising project to help save the earth – remember, saving LIVES starts with you.


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