Charity Arcades in Swedish Airports – a Great Idea!


One of the best ideas for charity funding we’ve encountered so far – the Charity Arcades.

When you’re killing time, or simply want your kids to get entertained while waiting for that long delayed flight – why spend it on games where business men can get more money out of you? Instead, play some arcade games and get those dimes and nickels to good use by donating to charity. It’s both fun and charitable at the same time!

The idea is from a partnership between Swedavia (a state-owned network of 10 airports in Sweden) and Red Cross. They decided to install gaming consoles in Swedish airports to help raise money for the Swedish Red Cross. Classic arcade games such as Pacman, Space Invaders and Galaga are some games that will be installed on these arcade machines – all of which accepts a wide range of currencies.

It’s truly a fun and innovative way to collect small change from foreigners and travelers for charity.



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