DIY Eco Paper Gift Boxes – A Charity for the Earth


When people talk about charity, majority will think about giving donations for other people. Well, how about thinking the other way around like – charity for the Earth?

Reality is that we live on Earth, but we tend to forget Mother Nature. Have we ever done some “giving back” to the only place we can live in?

Try to do some DIY (Do It Yourself) gift wrapping by using Eco friendly items like paper. One example would be the paper gift boxes by an Etsy user, PrettyTape, which are shaped like Pillows. The pillow boxes have a nice shape and it’s pretty easy to slip a small gift inside it then wrap it with a nice ribbon and paper tag.

Have you done your eco-friendly DIY gift box? Try it when you celebrate Father’s Day. It’s always great when you can make people and Mother Nature happy at the same time.


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