Halloween Costume Idea – Mad Scientist

Stuck at deciding what costume fits you this Halloween? There are many ideas, although zombies are all over the place, witches with brooms, ghost costumes with holes for the eyes, or maybe even some will go with vampires… that sparkle.


Well, either way, if you want a simple, non-hassle costume with flair – why don’t you try being a mad scientist? Sure a ghost is easy, but a mad scientist has its perks — let’s say, you get to mix different kinds of liquids and share it with your guests. Or if it’s your kid who’s going to a costume party, he can enjoy concocting liquids filled with different food coloring.


Here’s one interesting concept that we’re dying to try out… maybe you’d like to try it out too!



Making the Mad Scientist costume isn’t a hassle either, get a lab coat, a big wig, big glasses, some


Chemistry shot glass set and Test Tube shot glass shooters set  to match it up.


Add some sci-fi doomsday feel to your costume with this homemade death ray gun



And basically, you’re ready… Good luck!



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