Kiddy Bike Sharing – a P’tit Velib Program


The P’tit Velib program originated in Paris and implemented around mid-June. The program focuses on family-friendly engagement by sharing bikes for kids as young as two years old. There are many families who would like to spend biking time with their kids but some don’t have the means or space for biking.

The P’tit Velib program has 300 bikes that can be used by kids from ages two and above. There are pedal-less balance bikes for aged two to four, bikes with stabilizers for ages three to five, and larger models for older children who can already ride with confidence. These bikes are made by JCDecaux.

Not only does this program encourage family time, it also promotes environmental benefits for traveling families to travel around the city by bike rather than cars. It’s truly one of the projects that’s worth supporting and implementing for cities worldwide.


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