Marvel & DC Action Heroes Goes to Deo’s Closet to Help for Charity!


We’re very excited to announce our all new products for fund raising: Action figures and limited edition collectibles of your favorite Marvel Characters! Check out your favorite superheroes like The Hulk, Superman, Batman and the patriotic, Captain America made by well-known manufacturers -Gentle Giant Studios, Kotobukiya, Bowen Designs, Hasbro, DC Direct, DC Collectibles, Hollywood Collectibles and a whole lot more.

Captain America

Coming from Gentle Giant Studios. This Marvel Captain America on Motorcycle Statue Limited Edition for $399.99 is a steal.

Straight out of the pages of The Ultimates comes the World War II-era Ultimate Captain America on his motorcycle! In the Marvel Ultimate Universe, Steve Rogers undergoes the Super Soldier treatment, but unlike his Earth-616 counterpart, he gains superhuman strength, speed, agility and even an enhanced healing factor! He truly is an Ultimate hero.


Here at Deo’s Closet our products does not only include fun utensils such as the I Love You Meal Set, but we also have a variety of toys for the kiddies. Whether it be educational toys like Building Blocks or our newly added collection of Marvel Action Figures.

Did you know that for every order you buy at Deo’s Closet for our Marvel Action Figures, you get to help those in need? For every action figure you buy, you are donating a percentage of it to for a cause.

So check out your favorite Action Hero in a collectible action figure in our store here – and be a hero to those in need today!


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