One of the Best Ways to Raise Funds Faster: Sell for a Cause, Shop for a Cause and Donate for a Cause


Deo’s Closet’s goal is not merely to “sell”. Our mission is to GIVE BACK to fundraisers, may it be a registered Non Profit Organization or anybody who needs funding for anything to help them reach their financial goals. A lot of people still have no clue what we can offer to fundraisers.. Let us show you the multiple ways of how you can use Deo’s Closet to raise funds faster online, easily!

1. SHOPPING. When your friends, family or any of your supporters shop on the site, they have the option to select your fundraiser upon checkout, if you get selected, you get 3% from the sales. This is without cost to you. The more people you invite to shop for your fundraiser, the more funds you can raise. This is our gift. No catch. They buy, you get 3%.

2. SELL. You, your family, friends and supporters from out of state or another country (except the restricted countries) can sell for your fundraiser and donate upto 100% of the sales for your cause. The best thing is.. this money goes straight to your Paypal account.

3. DONATE. Anybody that loves your cause can donate directly for your fundraiser.

We provide the tool for you so you can focus on fundraising and not stress about the perks that you need to do for your hundreds of donors that other websites offer. Sharing your items for sale and your fundraiser campaigns in social media is just a click away, then let the money pour in.

Selling at Deo’s Closet is not only for fundraisers. ANYBODY can sell, and know that when you sell at Deo’s Closet, you are giving back to fundraisers and to the world. You are part of someone’s future success for whatever purpose they may serve. Our sellers have the option to sell for a reason – and that is charity.

That is why here at Deo’s Closet, we “sell for a cause, shop for a cause and donate for a cause”.

Are you gifted in the arts and crafts? A small retail business owner or have your own products to sell? Don’t sell only for profit, but also sell to help others and know that you are changing the lives of many for the better.

Start selling or start a fundraiser at Deo’s Closet today – learn how.


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