When A Billiard Cue Can Help Change Lives


Ever wonder how a billiard cue can help change lives? Well, maybe not. But here at Deo’s Closet, we’ve thought about it – and we decided to GO with it.

If you like playing billiard and you’re thinking about buying yourself some new gear, then you might want to step back a bit before entering other stores.

Stop and think for a minute, why buy new gear and let the stores take all the profit – how about if you find quality gear AND give part of the price as a donation for a fundraiser instead? Sounds cool?

It might not be for everyone but if you’re one of the guys who bought a cue,  you will definitely not regret it – not only did you find yourself a good item, but people whom you’ve helped will definitely think of you with a good heart (whether they know you or not).

More information about the fundraiser here.


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