Would You Support Unused Sports Arenas Turned into Low-Income Housing?


Have you been to a stadium or any sports arenas?

Imagine an entire Soccer Arena turned into low-income homes… how many people can live in that?

Well, Casa Futebol envisions creating Brazil’s World Cup stadiums into public housing. The idea stems from both French architects Axel de Stampa and Sylvain Macaux where they imagine stadium seating areas sacrificed in place for prefabricated housing.

According to both architects, some stadiums have seating areas with gaps that are big enough for prefabricated homes to be dropped between the concrete and metal columns, so some stadiums need not sacrifice any seating areas at all.

The main idea is to create housing within the stadiums but the stadiums will still be functional for future games where revenue can be used for maintenance or to build more homes.


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