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Giving Nemo A Home!

Young Pioneer Disaster Response
Young Pioneer Disaster Response
On Jun 30, 2015 00:15 Report abuse
The ocean has always been close to YPDR's heart. In our Marine Restoration Program, we constructed and deployed marine domes (artificial reef structures) into the Visayan Sea, which has experienced 98% reef destruction in recent decades. These domes support the replenishment of fish stocks and stimulate coral regeneration. Each dome can produce over 45 kg (100 lbs) of marine biomass every year.

The team is excited to show you that our efforts the past year are successful! We took a video when we deployed another set of domes yesterday. We also visited previous deployment sites to monitor the progress of marine life. And we saw the cutest thing: a clown fish swimming on an anemone which grew atop the dome! Those parts of the sea that had almost barren features last year are now thriving with life!

Please support our Marine Restoration Program that we may continue to do surveys and implement solutions that would help return good conditions for marine life to flourish.

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