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We measure our success not by the number of people we help, but by the number of people who no longer need our help.

"The history of shellcraft on Bantayan Island dates back to a land before time and is interwoven into the lives of each woman who is a part of Kataw. All jewelry is constructed of materials native to the island and incorporates the attributes of over 20 different species of shells that are harvested from the waters of the Visayan Sea. Cultivating resiliency through the power of creative design, Kataw Handicrafts weaves together community based empowerment with strategic distribution techniques in a effort to share these unique creations with as much of the world as possible. All jewelry is a suggested donation with proceeds being funneled directly back into both Kataw Handicrafts and YPDR’s Marine Restoration Program."

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Kataw - Visayan Sea Plant Hanger

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Marine Restoration Program

Marine Restoration Pr...

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YPDR’s Marine Restoration Program is currently focused on marine dome construction and deployment....

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